Kamis, 17 November 2011

model wanna be.

i was a model , yes i am. but im getting fat and i quit and then i've done crazy diet and im getting skinny again ,but im not a model anymore. i really want to be but just not the right time. maybe sometimes.
well i got some (maybe?) good photoshoot. there are some of it ;)

well,,,, is not really that bad right? maybe its doesnt look like a real model ,maybe next time i post it when i really really become a model . amin ^^

Sabtu, 30 April 2011

getting close

yey my mom and him were geting close and getting close again,
yesterday is one of the best day i ever know ...
me , my boyfriend and my mom were going shopping and having dinner together
first because SimpangLima is closed because Semarang anniversary so we cant go to CL or Paragon then we're going to JavaMall.
im so excited because we are having so much fun, im in love with him
and im in love with my mom too hhe
and both people who ilove so much were getting close !!! oh my god who the hell i am if im not happy ? of course im happy , getting crazy maybe hahaha


Senin, 24 Januari 2011

take it and dont break it

Putra Bintang Rizalditya

yes that is his name,
ilove his name as much as i love him hehe
finally after a longlong time yes im fallin in love
maybe i never get any long relationship b4 ,i just got like 5 month and 9 month but i thought that i'll get it soon .
with this man i'm sure that everything is gonna be okay
i love him and he loves me
i miss him everytime like he miss me too
i look at his eyes because he look at my eyes first
i hug him and dont wanna let him go
i dont know how long this relationship could be, but i hope this is last forever
however and whatever happens i will always remember him ,
ilove him i trust him i miss him ,
my dear one , i just can see it in your eyes how much you love me ,
thanks bby . for once again . iloveyou