Senin, 24 Januari 2011

take it and dont break it

Putra Bintang Rizalditya

yes that is his name,
ilove his name as much as i love him hehe
finally after a longlong time yes im fallin in love
maybe i never get any long relationship b4 ,i just got like 5 month and 9 month but i thought that i'll get it soon .
with this man i'm sure that everything is gonna be okay
i love him and he loves me
i miss him everytime like he miss me too
i look at his eyes because he look at my eyes first
i hug him and dont wanna let him go
i dont know how long this relationship could be, but i hope this is last forever
however and whatever happens i will always remember him ,
ilove him i trust him i miss him ,
my dear one , i just can see it in your eyes how much you love me ,
thanks bby . for once again . iloveyou