Rabu, 24 November 2010

life is short

now here i am ,
typing for what im thinking about.
i just remember , life is just too short for people like us,

15 years and i still think that i wasted my times , my short lifes with a lot of things that very borrrriiiing .

in past , like 8 years ago . my dad passed away ,and he still 36 years old.
im still in 2nd grade . and i still cant believe that ,
he handsome and awesome
he is my superhero
and he was my future husband ,

nobody can choose their life,
nobody can make her own destiny .
every single way that i do is also usefull but thats not effective actually
we can see , people on the road ,
people who sleep with no bed ,
no respect
and no love.

maybe those people cannot make their own destiny
but if they can make their life better, but i think that they just dont get it , how is life things, this THING work
they just regret ,
they just gave up .
they dont understand how to make their life better

and now , they sleep in the cold dark side,
without no bed, no stories , no blanket, no kiss, no love, no food, no money , and hopeless

thats why i want to say to all of you who read this
maybe we cant make our own destiny , but if we try we can make it better
so dont you ever gave up and surrender
we just have to keep our passion to make it stronger

i believe that everybody can do it.
just keep trying people.

xoxo , WD

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